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Who We Are

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Solid Rock Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church. That means that our church is self-governing. We are not a member of any convention, fellowship, or association, which could control our direction or beliefs. We are free to fellowship or associate with any church who is of like faith and practice.  Solid Rock Baptist Church is a Fundamental Baptist Church. The term fundamental refers to an adherence to the great cardinal doctrines of the faith as stated in our beliefs. We will not fellowship with any group who does not hold to the fundamentals of the Christian faith.  Solid Rock Baptist Church is a Baptist Church in that we hold to the distinctives of historic Baptists.

The term Baptist identifies these distinctives from the following acrostic:
Bible authority in all matters of faith and practice      
Autonomy or self-governing power of the local church
Priesthood of each believer
Two church offices: Pastor & Deacon
Individual soul liberty
Separation of Church and State
Two church ordinances: Baptism by immersion & Lord's Supper
Saved membership only